Video editing deals with the arranging , editing and modifying the video contents for several purposes.
It is used in film industry,music industry etc.

The main job of video editor is to edit the sound track,background,colour and size of the video.

As in this era of internet websites videos are increasing day by day,hence video editing promises a great career opurtunity.

There is no formal courses for video editing.
But some institutes do provide some diploma course on video editing.

Basically one must be well acquianted to the softwares and programing used for editing and must posses the desire to modify some thing existing in order to beautify it.

Knowledge in following software will help in proceeding with the career.
Windows Movie Maker
Final Cut Pro
ULead MediaStudio
Avid’s Media Composer
Xpress Pro
Adobe Premiere

Video editors works with the production team for editing and trimming a movie or video.

Video editors basically works in TV production studios, web design companies, advertising and multimedia companies.

They can also work as free lancers.

Freshers can earn between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 7,500 per month. The earnings can be raised after a few years of experience. Freelancers are paid paid per hour and the amount paid will depends up on the company.


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