Wildlife Phtographer is the one of the most adventurous and exciting career you can choose.It involves going to the wild,mingling with the nature and giving the best to get a perfect photograph.

Taking a photograph in their natural habitat provides the experience of sheer thrill and rare excitement of their fascinating world. Wildlife photographers spends most of the times in wild for that perfect shot.

To be a wildlife phtographer one must be physically and mentally fit.
The other requirement involves being good with the camera and having skills like eye-cordination,patience and familiar with photo editing software like phtoshop cs6 etc.

There are very rare colleges in India that offer degree in Wildlife Phtotgraphy. But anayone can take a diploma or certification courses in Photography after 10+2.

Mostly wildlife photographers work as freelanchers.
Various organizations and Tv channel like Discovery,Nation Geography too employ many wildlife photographer.

Some newspaper too provide employment.

There is no fixed salary for Wildlife phtotgrapher.But if your phtographs are pretty good then there is a lot of money for you.

There are very small number of colleges in India that provide a degree in Wildlife Phtotgraphy.
The following courses can be done after 10+2:
>> Certificate Course in Advanced Photography

» Certificate Course in Basic Photography

» Certificate Course in Commercial Photography

» Certificate Course in Digital Photography

» Certificate Course in Nature and Wildlife Photography

» Certificate Course in Photography

» Certificate Course in Wildlife and Travel Photography

» Diploma in Photography

» Diploma in Professional Photography

» Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Wildlife Management

» Certificate Course in Wildlife Management

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